Candidates We Look for

As a manufacturer engaged in design, development and manufacturing of
semiconductor manufacturing equipment,
Teikoku Taping System looks for candidates who are
“proactive”,”cooperative” and “responsible”

Since established in 1995, we have consistently adhered to these three keywords in recruiting new employees.
Because we are not a large company, we want every employee to be
“proactive”,”cooperative” and “responsible” so that we can stay competitive.

To be more specific, these 3 keywords can further
divide into the following 9 aspects, which define
how we expect every employee to think and act.

    We look for candidates who:
  • 1
    can build a good relationship with others;
  • 2
    can challenge the unknown;
  • 3
    want to feel the sense of achievement or share the joy of making something with others;
  • 4
    never give up;
  • 5
    think positive and never forget to smile;
  • 6
    are interested in working with people from different countries;
  • 7
    can think flesible according to the situation;
  • 8
    make efforts to find a solution, instead of making excuses; and
  • 9
    do not hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with others.

It is especially notable that our sales have been soaring with the increasing number of orders we receive from
overseas semiconductor manufactures.The number of customers has been increasing year by year.

We look for individuals who will support future of our company.