Privacy Policy

1.When and How We Collect Your Personal Information

Teikoku Taping System Co., Ltd (“we” or “us”) collect your personal information when you:

We will collect your personal information in a proper and fair manner and only within the scope of the purpose(s) for which such information will be used.

2.How We Use Your Personal Information

Your personal information held by us will be used within the scope of the following purpose and to the extent that use of such information is necessary to carry out our business activities.

Purpose: to provide customers with various kind of information (to inform them of our services)
Should we need to share your personal information with a third party or entrust the handling of the personal information to a third party, we will first investigate such party to confirm that the party is reliable and then properly supervise it to ensure the personal information is kept confidential.

3.Providing Personal Information to a Third Party

Unless otherwise required by law, we will not provide the personal information we collect without obtaining the prior consent from the customer.

4.How We Manage and Maintain Personal Information

We will maintain the accuracy of the personal information we collect from you and manage it safely.
In order to prevent our personal data from being lost, damaged, altered and leaked, we have appropriate information security measures in place against computer viruses to enable unauthorized access.
We will not bring your personal information outside our office or send it to a third party to prevent the data from being leaked.

5.Disclosing, Correcting, Stopping the Use of, and Deleting Personal Information

We will properly respond if you wish to correct, stop the use of, or delete your personal information or if we receive a request for disclosure from you regarding the personal information we have collected from you, admitting that customers are entitled to take such actions.

6.Organization and Structure

We appoint a Personal Information Protection and Management Officer to implement a proper management of personal information.
We also provide training to executives and employees to educate them about how personal information should be protected and properly managed to ensure the proper handling of personal information we collect from you in our daily operations.

7.Formulating of the Personal Information Compliance Program, maintenance and improvement.

In order to implement this Policy, we formulate the Personal Information Protection Compliance Program (which includes this Policy, the Personal Information Protection Regulations and other regulations, rules and by-laws), ensure that our employees and other personnel involved in our business comply with this program, maintain the program, and continuously improve it.

8.Inquiries Concerning Our Privacy Policy

Please contact us should you have questions or comments concerning this Privacy Policy or how we handle your personal information, or if you wish us to disclose to you the personal information we have collected from you.