Message from Company President

Building a better world
with our technologies and products.

Since founded in 1995, Teikoku Taping System Co., Ltd has always grown and developed with the management philosophy of creating a better future and contributing to society with our unique technologies and products.

Thanks to you, we have built strong relationship with major Semiconductor manufacturing company, Foundries and OSAT around all over the world.

Furthermore, since April 1st, 2021, we become a subsidiary of Nippon Kayaku, and will deliver the “Total Solutions” with Equipment, Materials and Process to customers besides acceleration for our business.

Over the last 20 years, technologies and services required further updating and dramatic changes. The Semiconductor industry has achieved technological development and growth along the growth curve represented by Moore’s Law, but growth has slowed due to the limits of physical miniaturization and increase the costs, associated with technical development. As a breakthrough technology that overcomes these limitations, in the markets require for 3D advanced packaging technology.

Utilizing our patented technologies with long term experienced from adhesive tape and Dry Film laminating technology, removing technology to handling technology for Ultra Thin, intricately deformed fragile materials, we will be actively engaged in developing 3D technologies critical to fabrication of next generation semiconductor devices as well as advanced packaging technologies to adapt to more high density packaging.

CEO Keitaro Tada