Message from Company President

Building a better world
with our technologies and products.

Since established in 1995, we have developed and grown under the corporate philosophy of “building a better world with our technologies and products.”

With strong efforts, we have steadily made achievements in a close rapport with leading semiconductor manufacturers and assembly houses (manufactures which contract the packaging process of semiconductor device fabrication) around the globe.

For the past two decades, technologies and services revolving around semiconductors have developed and advanced drastically and continue to do so onward.

While the semiconductor industry has grown and developed new technologies following the projected growth curve (such as Moore’s Law), a concern has been raised that the growth of the industry may slow down (reach its limit) in the near future with the limitation of physical miniaturization of semiconductors as well as increase in the costs associated with technological development.

Such situation has brought the need of three dimensional (3D) semiconductor fabrication and packaging technologies to break through the growth limit.

Utilizing our patented technologies ranging from adhesive tape/dry film laminating/removing technologies to transportation/positioning technologies for ultra-thin, intricately deformed fragile materials, we will be actively engaged in developing 3D technologies critical to fabrication of next-generation semiconductor devices as well as advanced packaging technologies to adapt to more highly dense packages.